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Wool, naturally innovative

For Ramato collections we select only Extrafine Merino Wool, characterized by extremely fine fibers.

Extrafine Merino wool is highly valued for its exceptional performance. For example, it maintains constant body temperature and removes moisture from your skin, bringing it outwards and facilitating evaporation. In addition, it has natural anti-microbial properties, which repel odor-inducing bacteria.

Compact And Soft

Easy Care And Durability

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Certified Sustainability

We are convinced that traceability is the basis of an ethical use of resources.

Our High Twist Extrafine Merino Wool is 100% Australian and is mulesing-free: at the center is respect for the animal.

Being 100% merino wool, it is recyclable, and adheres to the Oeko Tex 100 Standard .

The Oeko Tex 100 standard tests fabrics for harmful substances, in order to ensure that they are harmless to human health. The test is conducted by independent institutes, and considers numerous elements that can be harmful to humans. The criteria for these tests are globally standardized and are constantly updated based on new scientific information.

We also choose GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Extrafine Merino Wool for our collections.

This raw material has a smaller ecological footprint, as it consists of recycled wool fibers, obtained from knitwear and industrial processes. The spinning and dyeing process is thus shortened, minimizing the use of water and energy. The fibers we select are of extreme quality and are pleasant on the skin. Equipped with natural elasticity, they result in extremely comfortable products to wear.

sustainability mission

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